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Engie device for Android
Bluetooth connection
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Engie device for iPhone
iPhone Supported
BLE connection
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What's Engie's device all about?

Engie's Bluetooth device connects to the car computer and enables malfunction detection, fuel tracking, battery charge and many maintenance updates. The device is very simple to connect and usually plugs under the car's dashboard.

Is my car supported?

Main features:

Malfunction diagnostics

No more guessing strange noises and sounds. Engie tells you exactly what's wrong with your car.

Battery charge

No more bumps in the road, at least when it comes to your battery charge.


Green is the color and we are proud to take a part in making our planet a bit cleaner with letting you know your car's emission level at all times.

Engine heat

You can cool down and feel like you're cruise driving, for when your car's engine gets too hot, Engie will immediately let you know. Now that's hot.

Fuel efficiency

They don't call it the 'Black Gold' for nothing. Now you can watch your fuel efficiency on a daily and monthly basis. Isn't that gold?

Quotes from mechanics

Did you ever dare to dream that a mechanic will actually give you the exact price for anything and everything? Well, with Engie.

Last parking

Say goodbye to pen and paper/notes etc, because Engie remembers exactly where your car is located.

The device is compatible with most gasoline cars from 2002 on, and with diesel cars from 2005 on. Please check your car’s compatibility on the list in the app. The app does not support Hybrid cars.